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Getting Started

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jimmy and I recently attended a conference that forced me to take a much needed breath.  Sometimes I hear myself saying that I just need to breathe different air.  I guess what I am really saying is I need a new atmosphere, a refreshing.  While I was there at the conference, not sitting in the meetings, but driving around in this big SUV with Jimmy on a bright morning on the next to the last day, I felt the desire to write down the things that have been on my heart.  In the different atmosphere of reconnection with my heavenly Father and with my husband I was excited about sharing the things that I have learned over the past years.  Of course when I got back to Charlotte and the old atmosphere of schedules and early mornings and projects and responsibilities the thoughts of adding another “to do” to my list got pushed down in priority.  But with the upcoming opening of “The King’s Kitchen” the “to do” was changed in my perspective to “must do”.  So I begin to try and articulate the multitude of things that are “my heart”.

There’s a whole lot of back story to the road that has led us to the opening of a restaurant whose proceeds will go to feed the hungry in our city, our region, and our world.  It began with a change in our hearts.  The concept of a heart of stone turning into a heart of flesh is a reality in the presence of Love.  Afterall, God does not just have love, the Bible says He IS love.  Love is what changed us, changed me, so I could embark on paths that were prepared for me before the world was even made.  Just writing that down makes my heart feel full and grateful.

My heart is a daughter’s heart, mother’s heart, it’s a sister’s heart, a helpmate’s heart, a friend’s heart.  There is room for all these as they work sometimes simultaneously and sometimes separately, delivering  His supply to wherever there is  need for sister love, mother love, wife love, friend love.  The supply is always there, Love never fails me.  God never fails me…

I will try to intelligently take you back in the entries ahead to where we started out as a family and as a ministry so you might better understand the miracle that we live in.  We live it everyday, only because we choose to accept the blessing that is available to us through life in Christ Jesus.   I remember when James, our youngest, was in preschool and he had the “best” teacher in the 3 year old class.   Well, everyone said she was the best, and she was great with the toddlers, and as it turned out one of the rules of her classroom is a phrase that often runs through my head…”Make a good choice”.  Years ago we made a good choice.  We chose to  ”leave the land of our fathers to a new land that I will show you”.  It seems to our worldly minds sometimes that the choices that God gives us will somehow leave us lacking.  It seemed that way to us at the time of our decision.  But our lives have proved out otherwise.