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Restoring Place Church is now Dream Center Church.

All that Jesus 
now is, so are
we in the world.
1 John 4:17 

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Thank you for supporting the Lord’s work through Online Giving.

Giving to the Lord is a wonderful, worshipful expression of the depth of our love for Him. When we give back to God a portion of what He has blessed us with, we acknowledge His love and faithfulness to us. We acknowledge His promise to bless His people because of their expressed love and obedience. And through our giving we express thankfulness to the Lord for the rich blessings that are ours because of Calvary.

Secure online and recurring giving are safe and inexpensive ways to have a greater impact on the work God has called Restoring Place Church to do in our community.

To make a single or recurring gift or tithe online, simply select one of the options below. You can also set up an account to manage your giving and to set up a recurring schedule. Gifts can be made electronically by check or debit card, and recurring gifts can be set up to be given weekly, bi-weekly, on the 1st and 15th of the month, or monthly. Thank you again for your love and faithfulness.

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